Raymond Sherwood- An Introduction

SSGT Raymond Sherwood, Ret.

SSGT Raymond Sherwood, (USAF Ret).

Early Life

I grew up on a small livestock farm north of Reno, Nevada where he raised goats, sheep, potbelly pigs, turkeys, ducks, chicken and rabbits. I attended Sparks High School and graduated from Washoe High School in 1996. After graduating, I worked security jobs at Internet Auto, Burns Security, Desert Security, Meadowood Mall, and Wackenhut Security. Ray met his wife, Tracy, while working at Meadowood Mall and got married in the spring of 2000. Ray and Tracy had their son, Ryan, in November of 2000 when he was born eight weeks early. During this time, Ray enlisted in the Nevada Air National Guard as Security Police in 1998 and was a traditional member until February of 2001, when he became a full-time member as an Active Guard Reserve (AGR).

I joined the Nevada Air National Guard in February 1998 as a traditional guardsman as Security Police. In February 2001 Ray became a full-time active duty member of the National Guard. During Ray’s career he rose through the ranks until he reached NCO as a Staff Sergeant in June 2004. Ray has deployed once for Operation Noble Eagle, twice for Operation Enduring Freedom, twice for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and once domestically for Hurricane Katrina. Ray medically retired on 28October2015.

Skills, Duties, Positions held
While working in civilian security positions, I acquired skills relating to loss prevention, customer service, CCTV monitoring and use, and corporate protection. I have held many positions and acquired many skills as Air Force Law Enforcement. I have held many positions including but not limited to: Sentry, Internal and External Security Response teams, Law Enforcement Patrolman, Dispatcher, Alarm monitor, Alarm Administrator, e911 operator, Armorer, Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of ATV training and maintenance, Unit Training Manager, Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer (RSO), Close Quarters Battle Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Desert Survival instructor, HMMWV Instructor, Bus Instructor, Forklift instructor, Installation Physical Security Manager (Asset Protection & Risk / Vulnerability assessment), Criminal Investigator, Flight Chief, Personal Protection Team / Personal Security Detachment.

I have done volunteering at my son’s elementary school, Hunter Lake Elementary. As my son moved up in grades I went on to volunteer on a district level, first with the Department of Family School Partnerships and then with Volunteer Services.